We're not in Kansas any more.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Once again I seem to be having a lack of blog posts.

I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's just because my life isn't particularly exciting at the moment.

Last month I helped a friend move from Columbia, Missouri to Boulder, Colorado.
I got the privilege of driving a Penske truck through Kansas! Let me tell you - that isn't the most interesting place I've driven through.

Did you know that Missouri has wineries? Neither did I.

The Missouri River is pretty big, at least compared to Utah standards. Also, there appears to be a giant pube floating in it. Or maybe I need to clean my camera sensor. Yes, I think it's definitely the latter.

The drive through Kansas was interesting for at least the first five minutes until I made it through Kansas City. Afterwards it got a bit dull.

Even worse, I grabbed a stack of CDs from my friend to listen to, and one of them had been put in the wrong case. I ended up being stuck with an Ani DiFranco CD! *hurk*

This photo shows why 18mm is not enough for awesome sky shots. Need to go wider!

Wow I did a horrible job with those colors - the sky looks neon blue. I should redo that one.

I had never been to Kansas, so now I can check one more state off the "places I've been" list. Glad to help any time Heidi - although you will have to expect some teasing for it.