Parents these days

Monday, December 10, 2007
I took a trip to New York last weekend to do some shopping and to bum around a bit. While I was out there, I decided to finally visit the Museum of Modern Art.

One thing that's neat about the MoMA is that most of the paintings aren't roped off or even covered in glass. You could actually walk up to them and touch them if it wasn't frowned upon.

MoMA has a huge Picasso exhibit, and I was admiring the large (96" x 92"!) Les Demoiselles d'Avignon when I was horrified to see a little kid RUN FULL SPEED INTO THE PAINTING! Neither the kids' parents nor security were able to stop him in time. We're talking about a painting that is worth more than I will make in my lifetime, and some 5-year old was treating it like a trampoline. If I was taking a kid through MoMA, I would have him on a foot-long leash with an electric shock coller if he tried to move more than a foot away from me.