Pantsless in SLC

Sunday, January 13, 2008
So as I previously mentioned, we threw an impromptu "Pants-less TRAX Ride" today. The idea was to provide a laugh for other people on TRAX who had no idea why there were a bunch of people on the train without pants. When asked why we don't have pants, we blow it off with a straight-faced answer ("Oops, I must have forgotten to put them on!") and continue on as normal.

Since I was going to the symphony after today's "event", I came dressed in a suit and tie. Shortly after 3 pm the group of us (probably 20-30 people) hopped on the next TRAX train. We randomly dropped our pants as we felt fit and stored them in a backpack or whatever we had handy.

At the first stop a guy from Klamath Falls, Oregon (currently attending Weber State) came on and sat across from me. He asked me why I wasn't wearing pants, and I told him that it was nice and sunny out and they weren't comfy, so I just decided not to wear them. He seemed satisfied with this answer (I guess he didn't see any of the other passengers sans pants), and we chatted about music festivals until I had to get off the train.

Luckily as I was getting off the train the next one I had to take was just arriving, so I only ended up being in the cold for a few seconds. I was seated across from an elderly couple who seemed very confused about what was going on.

When the second train reached the end of the line, myself and about 30 other pantsless people deboarded. Two guys asked me why I wasn't wearing pants and I told them the weather was nice and I felt like I didn't need them. When asked about the other people not wearing pants I acted surprised to find out about them and said I had no idea why they weren't wearing pants.

I repeated this several more times. One time I missed my return train and had to stand in the cold without pants for 15 minutes. Several other people missed the train too. Luckily we were able to amuse ourselves with the reactions of people in cars driving by, who were just as amused to see several pantsless people standing on the train platform.

After about two hours I was ready to call it a day. I boarded my last train and walked in front of three girls who busted up laughing uncontrollably. I finally dug out my pants and proceded to put them on right in front of them, all of whom were giggling and taking cameraphone pictures like crazy.

Out of all the people who attended I was the only person who was dressed somewhat formally, so I made an interesting subject. Three reporters from various local and indie newspapers interviewed me and I had my picture taken numerous times. Whether these will end up in any publications or not I don't know, although it appears I did not make the Salt Lake Tribune nor the Deseret News. Keep your eyes open.

Although I could not discreetly take pictures with an SLR several other people in the group brought smaller cameras they could document the event with. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them and you can all see my pasty white legs.


Cassie the Great said...

I'm so sad I wasn't able to go. Maybe next year. I can't wait to see pictures!