Open sesame ... seed

Thursday, February 28, 2008
Random thoughts and events of recent:

1) I have managed to survive my entire life so far without many allergies. I'm allergic to cats, and sometimes I get some bad hay fever in the spring, but I haven't had any food or medicine allergies.

Unfortunately this has all changed in the last year or two. Somehow I have developed an allergy to sesame seeds. Of course, sesame seeds are on half the hamburger buns out there and in a good portion of the stir-fry I enjoy. My symptoms are never life-threatening, just annoying. Whether they'll get worse over time is unknown, but it sucks having to start looking out for foods that you never had to look for previously.

2) I had my big summer trip planned. Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. I even had my plane tickets on hold.

However with the recent economic downturn, I'm not so sold on going any more. The Europeans already use the US Dollar to blow their nose in, and now Mr. Benny-boy Bernanke seems it prudent to lower ... crap, economics is boring, I'm going to stop.

Anyway, I've put off my Caucasus adventure for a bit until things look a bit brighter. This year's trips will be closer to home.

And on a related note...

3) I've become obsessed with financial well-being lately. I'm panicking because I have a slight balance on my credit card right now. It's kind of stupid of me. I mean, I have no car payment, a decent savings cushion, plenty of money in my retirement fund (for somebody my age), and yet I'm still freaking out. I've become stingy with my lunches, eating at home a lot. I've passed on small frivilous purchases like a silly t-shirt that I didn't REALLY need.

Debt sucks. If you have some, work on getting out of it as soon as you can.

4) I don't know if I'll ever understand my love life. But I'm happy with where I am right now. The end.


Cassie the Great said...

1. First sesame seeds, next the world bwa ha ha ha

2. I have nothing to say about this

3. A little frugality never hurt anyone

4. I'm not sure you're supposed to understand your love life. I usually find that as soon as I think I have mine figured out, something comes along and throws me for a loop. ... what a strange idiom that is. Anyway, glad you're happy, try to stay that way!

jenny said...

sorry about the trip.. but, you know, europe will still be here next year, or whenever we stop using the dollars to blow our noses.. ;) (btw, i like it fine, cos now i can actually order stuff myself from the us without getting bankrupt. heh. :) )