Friday, April 11, 2008
The one day I wish somebody would just come over and lounge with me and cheer me up seems to be the one day nobody wants to.

The last week has left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Driving 50 miles each way to spend the night with my grandmother so she doesn't have to be in her place alone. Helping her with routine tasks like dialing a phone or pouring some milk. Going through pictures, cards and other memories that have accumulated over the last 83 years. Seeing my grandmother and my father's pain as they give their final farewells.

Somebody come hold me.


Sarah Bellum said...

I'm not much for holding anyone, but I would make good brunch company tomorrow. And by brunch I mean Village Inn on the West side anytime after eleven. You in?

jenny said...

sometimes it sucks being half a world away.. :(