Sock it to me

Friday, May 8, 2009
I am OCD.

This probably comes as no surprise to many of you.

Granted, this is not OCD about EVERYTHING. I mean, you haven't see the master bathroom, and for good reason, too. I mean, the bathtub has lawn clippings in it for hell's sake!

Anyway, I digress. I am OCD about certain things, like my DVD collection being in alphabetical order. One part of my OCDness is socks.

When wearing socks, I *HAVE* to wear a matched pair. I can't wear a pair of two different socks, even if they're roughly the same size.

Even worse, I try to match some stains on socks. I was painting my bedroom once, and the socks I was wearing that day got a bit of paint on them. I now have to make sure those two specific socks form a matching pair when I wear them. I can't wear one sock with paint on it and one without.

My biggest pet peeve, however, is the fact that I have four different brands of socks right now. I can't mix and match brands of course, so folding takes longer than usual while I try to hunt down an appropriate match for one sock.

I recently decided that enough is enough. No, I'm not going to start mismatching socks. Instead, I've been replacing my entire sock collection with brand new pairs, all of the same brand! Now they're all identical, and I can fold my socks with ease!

Is this something a sane person would do? Do I need to be committed?


jenny said...

i wouldn't say ocd, i would say anal. cos if you have ocd, i certainly have it.

you know, not only would i NEVER wear two different socks, i also can't wear left foot socks on my right foot and vice versa. we're not even talking about my toe-socks here, but regular socks. and don't tell me there's no such thing as a left foot sock cos obviously everybody's big toe is bigger than their pinkie toe which naturally makes socks skew.

though, it's funny the matching thing doesn't include your shoes :D

Sarah Bellum said...

I'm not OCD with my socks, but I am with my underwear. If my bra and panties aren't matching colors and fabric textures I freak out.

the female man said...

what do you mean, doesn't _everyone_ match their socks? :) well, they should.
and i second jenny on the left and right foot sock issue. if you put a left foot sock on a right foot, there's too much space for the pinkie and not enough for the big toe.

(you're perfectly normal :)


AuroraLeigh said...

I do this same thing. As soon as I moved out I started only buying the exact same brand of socks. White and black.

I will not buy other socks.

~*~Coy~*~ said...

My dear Druid....I have SEEN OCD, and while you are particular, you are not mentally ill. Trust me. If you'd like to come visit me at work sometime to understand this, you're welcome to do so. If they do decide to commit you, however, you're on your own.

Kellie & Cody said...

No--I'm pretty sure you need to be committed. j/k. Funny story--my dad is OCD about pretty much the same thing (wearing matching socks, only his can't have stains on them) Anyway--he also counts them. So, back when I was a way cool teenager (hee hee) Unknown to him--I was buying him new socks and adding pairs or singles to his drawer. Drove him nuts! I visit him weekly at the institute--because, well--I think I'm the reason he's there. Ok, ok...the institute part was to be funny--but its a true story about the socks. Hilarious.