SLC-Tokyo Inaugural Flight

Friday, June 19, 2009
When Delta announced non-stop service between Salt Lake City and Tokyo, I knew I had to do a repeat of the Paris flight last year and get in the inaugural flight. I chose this year's final destination to be Singapore due to the fairly inexpensiveness of the ticket (relatively speaking) and the fact I hadn't been in that part of the world before. Plus, Singapore is a major transit hub with easy access to most of southeast Asia.

The gate area was setup with a large Japanese looking backdrop. There were dancers in the middle of the concourse, which proved fun for people trying to get to their flights.

Instead of a traditional ribbon cutting, they did a ribbon slicing with wooden swords of some sort.

The plane left the gate with tons of employees from all over the airport cheering us off. We had a large police escort all the way to the runway, plus a water cannon salute!

Long flight is long.

The rest of the photos can be found here.


[lisa] said...

Still waiting to hear how you liked Singapore... and where was your show last night?!?! I have missed it...

Dave said...

Details on Singapore coming in the next few days. :) I was too jetlagged to do a show last night - but next week I'll be back!