Kick off your high-heeled sneakers, it's party time!

Friday, March 19, 2010
So, some of you are aware that I am purchasing a new house downtown.

And if you're not aware of it ... well, you are now.

I'll make a separate post in the upcoming weeks once I'm moved in and can take some pictures so you can see what the hell I'm talking about.

But ... something I can work on planning now is the housewarming party!

Being as strange as I am, I have a very diverse group of friends, and I don't know how well they would mesh.

So I'm considering throwing two housewarming parties in different styles, and you can attend the one (or both) that suits your taste. Maybe I'll even throw a third one for my more-religious friends who would like to avoid hearing my Dennis Hopper impressions.

Maybe I can come up with a witty name for the parties. "Class and Trash"? "High Life and Miller High Life"?

To help you decide which party you would rather attend, base your choice on the following information:

#1 - Agour Ossau-Iraty with Rosemary and Sea Salt Crackers
#2 - Chili Cheese-Flavored Fritos
#3 - Green jello with carrot shavings

#1 - 2003 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon
#2 - Pabst Blue Ribbon
#3 - Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper

#1 - Thievery Corporation
#2 - Motley Crue
#3 - U2

#1 - Trivial Pursuit: 80s Edition
#2 - Rock Band: 80s Edition
#3 - Jots and Tittles: 80 A.D. Edition

#1 - Gallery Stroll and Dine O'Round
#2 - Who shaves their junk?
#3 - Infants, toddlers, kids, children, rug rats, crotchfruit

Hot Tub Attire
#1 - Au natural
#2 - None
#3 - Full body suit

If you think I should just throw one big party and let everybody deal with each other, say so. Perhaps I can be convinced!


Sarah Bellum said...

#1 and #2

Brein said...

You had me at "Who shaves their junk?" #2 my friend.

AuroraLeigh said...

Am I invited?

Dave said...

Anybody who reads this is invited!

Cindy said...

I fall in the #2 and #3 category.

AuroraLeigh said...

I like the idea of a hybrid party between 1 & 2

Kellie & Cody said...

You are freakin' hilarious. Hmm...just don't mix the Sauvignon and Motley Crue. And, I don't know..."who shaves their junk" might be quite the conversation while sipping wine...I mean, that seems more like a beer topic! Hee hee. Throw in some Bud Light with Lime and I am there!