Africa Adventures, Day 6: Garden Route

Monday, February 14, 2011
Well we've arrived to what we've been wanting to see - the Garden Route. A scenic route that runs along the southern coast of South Africa, it's supposed to be quite beautiful. And you know what - it was, but it was vastly overrated. The sights were nice, but there weren't any "must see" scenes, and there were all sorts of tourist trap places all along the route. Admittedly we left kind of disappointed.

It was still quite a ways to Cape Town, so we spent the night in a town called Heidelberg. We picked it on purpose because of the town in Germany with the same name. The town was tiny - maybe a couple hundred people at most, and the lone hotel in town had closed up shop. However we found the most charming little bed-and-breakfast joint, and their staff person Jackie was absolutely wonderful and adorable. Perhaps I will steal her from her boyfriend and kidnap her to the U.S.

This is the view from the back deck of the bed and breakfast. A nice river and empty fields as far as you could see.

This is the mosquito repellent of DOOM!!!