A public thank-you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011
After an exhausting day of physical work, I need a bit of a relaxer before calling it a night.

I would like to publicly thank Erica for posting about drinking a beer in the shower. Yes, the post was a year ago, or longer, but it stuck in my mind. Tonight I hopped in the shower with a Sam Adams Octoberfest, and it was almost perfect. A blowie at the same time would have completed the trifecta, but I will settle for the beer and shower.

So, thank you Erica for your wise suggestion. I owe you an almond pastry from Gourmandise next time you're down here.


Kellie & Cody said...

Thanks for your words David. I really appreciate them. :) Glad to hear from you. And...yes...that sounds like an excellent shower. I agree additional actions would have made it better...lol...but hey, you are being positive as it is. ;)

erin said...

Bahahahaha!!! Erica does have some pretty excellent nuggets of advice now and then.