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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
I've been sent on a few work trips the last couple of months. Three of them were to Austin, Texas - which admittedly was a nice break from the middle of winter. I dragged my camera along to take a few pictures during my off-time.

Texas State Capitol Building

This is a shot I really enjoy for some reason. The harsh shadows from shooting directly toward the sun, the sepia-look from the clouds, and Old Glory (with hints of color) contrasting against it all.

I drove down to San Antonio one of the days and bummed around. This is a shot of the Riverwalk, with a water taxi passing by.

Austin downtown skyline.

A few more shots can be found here and here.


Brein said...

Beautiful!! I love the one with the taxi, it's my fav!

Kellie & Cody said...

You do take the most beautiful pictures! Happy for the update!