Friday, June 29, 2007
Last night, after a frusterating day at work, my boss invited me over for a few drinks. He managed to acquire some absinth, which is a vile horrible substance that is actually illegal to sell in the US. Thanks to some questionable law skirting, a seedy liquor store in Wendover sells it (at least for now), and my boss picked up a bottle with his winnings at the penny slots.

After being egged on by his wife (who loves getting me drunk for some reason), I found myself quite unable to drive and so I stumbled my way home.

When I'm drunk, I usually do a pretty good job of sobering myself up with lots of water and various drunk snacks. I did none of that tonight.

I slept about three hours with some of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had. I woke up at 3:30 am, still quite drunk and knew I had to start downing water if I didn't want a painful morning.

However, now I can't fall asleep again and it's approaching 5:30 am, almost time to start the day. At least I can call in sick I guess.

There really wasn't any point to this entry. I guess I just wanted to say that it's way early in the morning and I'm still of questionable driving ability.

Some cheese taquitos from Betos would really hit the spot right now.