Tuesday, June 19, 2007
I've been taking a photography class, and I'm two days into it. My homework for the second day was to take a picture with interesting lines.

I had started by taking silohette pictures of a power pole and power lines in my neighborhood. I took a bazillion of these pictures. Straight on, cropped, shots with the moon and stars in them, shots of the power lines going down the street. None of them turned out particularly interesting. The photo itself looked fine, it was just ... boring.

Undaunted, I moved indoors where I tried taking pictures of the mouths of wine glasses. I tried all sorts of possibilities ... eye-level, crazy angles, straight down, etc. They still weren't doing anything for me.

I was about to call it a night when it occured to me that the mouth of the wine glass may not be the most interesting part. Lo and behold, by moving down a few inches, I got a picture with great lines. It's still not great (not enough depth-of-field, and it could use some colored lighting), but I think it will suffice for tonight's homework.

Also, I just wanted to post this because it really did make me laugh out loud: