Damn kids - get off my lawn!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I came home from work today to find this drawn on my sidewalk with some chalk:

My neighbor also had a picture along the same vein drawn on their sidewalk (although the piece of anatomy belonged to a different gender).

Those kids are lucky I'm nice and spry and still young. If I was 30, they would get a good tongue lashing.

And while I appreciate the girth they depicted, they could have been a little more generous on length. I mean, if you compare this drawing to a picture of my penis (not safe for work), you'll find the proportions are way off!


Brein said...

Damn you for fooling me on the link! RARR!

[lisa] said...

So I am reading this... and my daughter comes up behind me and says, 'what's that'. Thanks a lot. ;)

~*~Coy~*~ said...

ROFL...I love it.