Geezerdom Incoming

Monday, August 18, 2008
So I turn 30 in slightly over two weeks.

Normally I would have a huge party planned for such a big (yet depressing) event.

However we're 16 days away and I don't have anything going on.

So, here are my options so far:

1) Throw a combination birthday/poker party, since that weekend is poker night anyway.
2) Drop $550 on a plane ticket to Cancun and bum around with some friends for three days.
3) Wait until October when Jenny gets here, and throw a combined 30th birthday party for both of us. This will have the benefit that all of you can meet one of those crazy gosh-durn liberals they have over in Sweden that make Barack Obama look like Karl Rove. Her visit is about halfway between our birthdays.
4) Watch midget porn all day.

I don't even know who would come to a birthday party now - my social circle is so odd these days.

So chime in here people. And you better show up and bring me lots of presents and booze and hookers.


jenny said...

i'd go for option no 3. i'd love me some crazy gosh-burn liberal. oh, wait, was that me? :)

Brein said...

5... all of the above! I too am nearing the big 30. I can't quite wrap my mind around it yet, but I don't like it thats for sure. 30? Seriously? Aren't we supposed to be listening to Kris Kross and wearing Guess?

Sarah Bellum said...

I'm pretending my vote counts: I choose both 3 & 4.

cball said...

I'll organize a 30 party! I had no idea it was that year, I thought you were the same year as Heidi...

What do you want to do?

Allison said...

So, how was your day? I survived. :-D