Jenny's Utah Visit

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
After many years of nagging and cajoling, I finally got my friend Jenny to ditch Sweden for two weeks to visit the land of salt and Mormons. I was quite excited to be able to play tour guide for two weeks and see the sights that our fair city and state have to offer. Highlights included:

- Red Butte Gardens
- Temple Square
- Little Cottonwood Canyon
- Bryce Canyon
- Zions
- Las Vegas
- Meeting friends and family
- Arby's mozzarella sticks
- Pumpkin-related desserts
- Mario Kart Wii

I didn't my camera along for much of it, but here are a few shots from Red Butte, Bryce and Zions. The latter two will be a subject of a blog post here shortly.

You don't see much cactus in Sweden!

This tree had a neat hollowed out trunk. No idea how it happened.


jenny said...

oh, and wasn't it two of the best weeks of my life!

i really like the one of me and the cactus. nothing says jenny like taking odd photos. but the one with the bridge! awesome shot :)