Things I already miss about you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
- Seeing your happiness when I give you a hot cup of coffee when you get out of the shower.
- Being sweet talked into ironing a shirt for you.
- Accusing me of hiding your shoes/keys/wallet/jacket/etc. whenever you can't find them right away.
- The way you meticulously care for your plants.
- Sitting in front of the aquarium, watching the fish. And naming the new ones.
- When asking "Can I get you anything?", you responding "I don't know, can you?"
- Playing Mario Kart and beating you.
- Playing Mario Kart and losing to you.
- Being forced to lay down as you scour my back or legs for ingrown hairs.
- Hearing you randomly announce "Boobs!"
- Laying in bed doing crosswords right before falling asleep.
- Bringing you Del Taco when you were stuck at work without dinner.
- Giving me a choice between two different chick flicks when renting a movie.
- Cutting slices of gruyere and feeding them to you straight off the block.
- Watching you waltz in the kitchen while listening to the second Jazz Suite of Shostakovich.
- Drinking and doing jigsaw puzzles together.
- The way you briefly smile when I would kiss you on the cheek while you slept.


erin said...

This just broke my heart :(
You're a good egg.