Get Organ-ized

Sunday, March 1, 2009
This blog post is to publicly thank my friend Cassie for saving me from a near-certain death. I would not be able to survive much longer if I was not able to glimpse at a copy of the score for the Third Symphony of Aram Khachaturian. I have been obsessed with this piece for a few years now, and I had reached the point where I had to see some of the magic behind it.

The piece is scored for a large orchestra, organ, and 15 trumpets. Considering most works have four or so trumpets at the most, this ends up being a very loud work. Probably one of the loudest I've ever heard.

The organ has several huge solos in the piece. I've loved pipe organs since I was in grade school, and the organ solos in this piece give me chills. Click here to hear a 20-second clip of one of the solos, part of which is shown in the score below!

So thank you Cassie for helping me find this and not making too much fun of me when I was looking in the wrong section of the library.


Cassie the Great said...

Awww I feel like such a superhero!