Phuket, Thailand

Sunday, July 12, 2009
You go to Phuket to sit on a beach, or island hop, or to be accosted by people trying to sell you fake designer clothing and cheap suits, or to get a massage on the beach for $3.

Oddly enough, on my flight from Singapore to Phuket, there were about 40 other people from Salt Lake City. They were all there for some humanitarian work, although I'm not sure specifically what.

Nothing says 'happiness' than drinking a drink out of a fresh coconut.

Street vendors were selling these fish stuffed with all sorts of spices. I was a bit hesitant about eating fish from a street vendor, but it proved to be one of the tastiest meals I had on the entire trip!

When in Thailand, you should take the opportunity to ride an elephant. It works best if you're incredibly white and are decked out in all sorts of knock-off designer clothing.

Electrical safety seems to be somewhat optional in Thailand.

We did a bit of island hopping on the second day. PRO TIP: Don't hop multiple islands in one day. It ends up being extremely touristy and you have a very short amount of time to enjoy yourself. Limit yourself to one or two islands for the day!

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Janelle said...

Your meal with the fish looks gross! I only hope it tasted as good as you said!