Get Funky

Sunday, August 2, 2009
It seems that every couple of years I get into a funk that takes me a while to snap out of. It always seems to be a combination of things that just add up - frustrations at work, not being happy with current living arrangements, the girl you like not liking you back, unexpected large expenses, projects that seem to drag on forever without accomplishing anything, maybe even just getting tired of the same routine every day.

Inevitably I just end up miserable for a few months and snap out of it without really ever doing anything to combat it.

Do any of you ever get in these funks? What do you do about them?


Cassie The Great said...

I do get in those funks. I tend to get a little funky once a year or so. There's no pattern as to what time of year or anything, so it's not a seasonal thing. I don't really do much about them. Eventually it will hit a point where I'll look at myself and say "this sucks. Get over it." And that actually works pretty well for me.

Kellie & Cody said...

un-complicated sex, Dave....and lots of it! Ok, ok, seriously--I think everyone has some "funky" times, and so I hope you are ok!

Dave said...

Uncomplicated sex would be awesome! Know anybody who will participate with me?

Cassie The Great said...

un-complicated sex is difficult to come by. Good luck finding some!

Jacob said...

Hey Dave.
When I get in to those funks it's almost the same as any kind of "project" I don't feel like dealing with. I just try to get over it as soon as possible. Hang out with friends, divert my thoughts from the heavy stuff and try to keep myself occupied and plan ahead for fun and good stuff to do. The thing with uncomplicated sex never works for me. It always have a slight tendency to get, that's right, complicated. Perhaps it's just me and that I get to emotionally involved. Hope you snap out of it soon tho'!

erin said...

You beat my ass at online Scrabble every time we play. Which is a lot.
This should be enough of a self-esteem booster to get you through your slump.
S-L-U-M-P. 7 points.