Dead Horse Point Trip - Day 2 + .5

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
After dragging my sorry ass out of my sleeping bag and a tasty breakfast, we continued the scenic drive to Dead Horse Point. We arrived around noon, set up camp in our way-too-small campsite and and cracked open the beers right away.

Later that night we met up with the rangers for an escorted hike through the backside of the point. We learned about all the desert life, most of which you don't see. We were, however, graced with a golden eagle doing a fly-by!

The next morning was the point!

Since Arches National Park was just a few miles outside of Dead Horse Point, we popped down there for a few hours to take a look around.

Does anybody else think that rock in the middle looks like a penis? OK good.

Double Arch

Landscape Arch. From this photo you should deduce that it's better to shoot it during the day than during the evening.

Sadly we did not make it to the famous Delicate Arch - next time! However, we DID make it to an epic burger joint in Moab (whose name I have forgotten), where I had one of the best chili burgers I've had in my life. NOM NOM NOM NOM

There is one more piece to this day I want to post about, but I still need to pull those photos off the camera and see if any turned out.

The other Dead Horse Point photos can be found here, and the Arches photos can be found here.


Kellie & Cody said...

Ohhh, I love that place. And your pictures actually do the place justice! Good job!