Happy Birthday Goomba

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Goomba turned two years old last month. Large dogs usually don't live as long as small dogs, so this is probably around age 20-25 in human years.

Owning a Newfoundland subjects you to questions you don't hear with a lot of other breeds. So I present the...

Top Ten Questions You Hear When Owning a Newfoundland

1) Is that a horse?
No, it's a dog.

2) Is that a bear?
No, it's a dog.

3) Do you have a saddle for him?
No, I do not.

4) Do you ride him around?
No, I do not. He doesn't like things on his back, although other people have reported a bit of success with their dogs.

5) Is that a (Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard/Other breeds I can't recall)?
No, it's a Newfoundland.

6) How much does he weigh?
Goomba weighs around 140 lbs, which is about average for the breed. I have personally met one that weighed in at 220 lbs!

7) Does he take you for walks?
Only when he sees a cat.

8) How much does he eat?
He eats about six cups of Orijen Adult per day. Goomba is allergic to grains, so I had to buy him a rather pricey grain-free food to keep him healthy.

9) Does he shed lots?
He sheds unreal amounts of hair, but only for a couple of months of the year (usually around May and September).

10) Does he sleep with you?
Goomba will sometimes crawl onto the bed with me for a few minutes, often laying directly on top of me. He eventually gets too hot and moves to the hallway, the kitchen, or even the bathtub!