Of Kilts and Haggis (Part 1)

Monday, July 16, 2012
In my previous post I mentioned how my work had sent me to Austin a few times over the previous months. Well, they wanted me to do another trip, and this one a bit more adventurous - setting up a new environment in our Linlithgow, Scotland office!

Linlithgow is a small town a little ways outside of Edinburgh in the southwest of Scotland. The only hotel in town was no longer open, so I stayed in downtown Edinburgh and took the train in every day. It was about three miles of walking to and from the train station each day, so I got in a fair bit of exercise too!

This is Loch Linlithgow with Linlithgow Palace in the background. I walked by here every day on the way to and from the office and the train station.

I was there almost three weeks total. Of course we didn't have to work weekends, so that allowed for a bit of fun...

This is a cemetery in the courtyard of The Parish Church of St. Cuthbert. Edinburgh Castle is in the background. The cemetery was about a quarter mile from my hotel.

St. John's Episcopal Church. I like the crescent moon that was out at the time!
Edinburgh Castle at night. Loaded with tourists during the day, and completely empty once its dark!
Castlehill Road - the main drag leading up to Edinburgh Castle. Tourist touts galore during the day.

More pictures from the first weekend can be found here!


Brein said...

Amazing shots! It's okay if I live vicariously through you sometimes, right?

Kellie & Cody said...

I'm with Brein...I live vicariously through you as well. In fact, I find myself actually getting jealous from time to time....just being honest!!