Sunday, September 9, 2007
On Tuesday, I wasn't feeling too well. After a few hours of exploring the city of Cuzco, I felt I had to go to the hotel and rest for a bit. After a few hours, I felt worse and worse. We called in a doctor (which is a whole different story to be posted soon). He found I was running a fever of 100.4, and had a throat infection that was spreading to my lungs. He gave me four prescriptions (one of which included the most painful shot I've ever experienced) and told me to rest as long as I could.

My Inca trail hike was on Thursday, so I stayed in the hotel all day Wednesday to recover. On Thursday, I went to start the hike. After about four hours, I was extremely tired and having some breathing problems. We stopped and rested for two hours, and then I attempted to continue. After another two hours, I felt I could not physically go any more. We took my temperature again, and found I had a fever of 102.2. Both the guides and I said I needed to turn around and head back to town. They took me to a doctor's station where I spent the night.

The next morning I hiked four hours back to the beginning of the trail (I had the option of renting a horse, but passed ... and wish I hadn't). From there, we took me into a small town where I rented a hotel room for the day. After resting for a few hours, I took a train to Aguas Calientes, where I am now. I am staying in a hotel with an onsite doctor, and will just be resting for the next few days.

I would come home early, but my luggage is scattered all over right now ... some of it is with me, some is with the group on the hike, and some is waiting for me at my hotel back in Cuzco. I'm going to just rest for the next few days until the rest of my hiking group finishes the trail, then evaluate how I feel and my options from there.

I don't have my cell phone here, so the only contact with me is via email which I'll check twice a day if possible.


the female man said...

oh, poor you :( get well soon!