Peru - Day 4

Friday, September 21, 2007
Today we found ourselves taking a two hour hike to Sandoval Lake. No motorized craft of any sort are allowed on most of these lakes, Sandoval Lake included. This combined with its remote location make for a very quiet and relaxing time observing the wildlife.

Unfortunately my camera battery died early this day and I failed to bring my charger, so you only get a few pictures from me. I will post some pictures from my friend's camera in a few days (plus some pictures from the impromptu birthday celebration we had that night).

Some vultures decided to set up shop in this tree for a while.

This picture absolutley pisses me off. The owl moth is really neat to see in person (they're quite large and distinctive looking), and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph one. I was only able to get in two shots before it flew off, and I thought this one had turned out perfect when I looked in the viewfinder. Unfortunately when I got to a computer, I found that I had used too much aperture, leading to blurriness on the left part of the wing. Lesson learned.

On the lake.