Peru - Day 2 (Part 2)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I left early to head to the airport to catch my flight to Puerto Maldonaldo. The Puerto Maldonaldo is a massive airport, complete with two gates AND two luggage claims. LAN Peru flies there once daily, and Aero Condor flies there three times a week, for a total of ten flights per week.

Just as expected, the roads in Puerto Maldonaldo were an uneasy combination of rickshaws, tak-taks, motorcycles, buses, cars, and whatever else you could find that had wheels.

I also saw the Batmobile on the streets here. I never knew Batman drove a tak-tak.

From Puerto Maldonado it was a 45 minute boat trip up the Alto Madre de Dios river to the lodge.

My travel companion Ngaio on the boat.

We arrived at the lodge and checked out our private bungalow.

The white net hanging from the ceiling is mosquito netting.

The view from the outside.

After a quick lunch and nap, we took the boat to Monkey Island. The island was formed when the river split against an old river bank. The monkeys aren't great swimmers and were stuck on the island once the river added the second branch.

The monkeys were pretty crazy and would take bananas straight from your hand.

Some wasps building a new nest. Looks like it's gonna be pretty big.

The forest canopy as dusk approaches.