Happy Birthday, Mr. M3

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Next year, my car turns 10 years old.

Last night, on the way back from visiting my grandmother, it also hit 100,000 miles.

Some random facts:

- When I bought the car, it had just over 34,000 miles on it. Since it was six years old at the time, that averages about 5,600 miles per year. I have put on about 16,500 miles per year since I've owned it.

- I bought the car on eBay, from an Audi dealer in Dallas, Texas.

- When I hit 100,000 miles, "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League was playing.

- My car surprisingly has only visited three states: Utah, Wyoming and Nevada.

- I average 26.4 mpg, but the car also requires premium gasoline which negates the semi-ok gas mileage.

- I have taken it up to 130 mph and still had to room to accelerate. I didn't go any faster out of fear of wrecking and being caught (no tickets at that speed, they haul you straight to jail).