Theremins and occilators, oh my!

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Lately I've been obsessed with the film music of Bernard Herrmann. I've familiarized myself with the soundtracks to many of his films, and today I decided to actually watch one of them so I could associate these tunes with an actual movie. Today's selection was The Day the Earth Stood Still (rented from my Apple TV too, thank you very much!).

The movie was quite enjoyable, and I'm glad I rented it. However, I noticed they're remaking it, due for release this year. I'm rather wary - I think this is a film that shouldn't be tampered with.

But wait! Bernard Herrmann wrote the score to many other films, including Journey to the Center of the Earth, which - wait for it - is also being remade this year!

I hope they at least use some excerpts from the original scores.