Armenia - Day 1

Sunday, June 15, 2008
OK, so let's talk about Day 1 after the hotel.

The first day was not great - I was very jetlagged, and the weather was windy and stormy. I only wandered around for a few hours before I felt compelled to go back to the room to avoid getting rained on any more (not to mention caught up on some sleep).

I am two blocks from the main square in town - Republic Square. There are four buildings on this square. One was the premier Soviet hotel during the USSR days - it has now been converted to a Marriott. While they were rebuilding the hotel, they discovered a secret floor that the KGB used to spy on guests!

The other three buildings are government offices, banks, and the National Historical Museum/Gallery of Art Museum.

One of the buildings in the square.

The National History Museum. There is an underground bunker under the museum for officials in case of attack or emergency.

The third building, plus view of the huge roundabout in the middle of all this.

Cathedral of St. Gregory the Enlightener. Storm was moving in quickly here. I took better pictures today.