Europe Adventures - Days 2-5

Thursday, June 12, 2008
First off, I'm just stating that I'm posting all this right now because I accidentally fell asleep at 6 pm tonight and woke up around midnight. Stupid jetlag - that short redeye killed me.
Since I've been to Malmo a few times now, there's no need to post the same crap over and over. So here are some highlights.

I arrived during high school graduation week. Unlike the US, where we either do nothing or sneak off to a party to drink cheap beer smuggled in by an adult, the Swedes go all out for their graduation. They dress up, pile into trucks or other random vehicles and cruise around town, blasting horns, airhorns, whistles, etc. They scream, hold up pictures of themselves as kids, and drape themselves in flags of their home countries if their family has immigrated.

The next day consisted of me wearing Jenny's goofy clown sunglasses. Yes, I know most (if not all) of my female readers love these. I was hoping this fad would only last a few months, but sadly it is still going strong.

Later that night at a little cafe, I found a bottle of Good Stuff. I have unwittingly gotten several people to start saying "good stuff" over the last few years, and so it was only appropriate that I drink a bottle of it.

The final two days were spent picnicking and eating vegetarian Chinese food. Wait, how come the only thing I ever post about on my trips is food?


[lisa] said...

I hate those damn glasses. Being that I tend to break mine or lose them every few weeks I am always looking for a new pair... and the stores are full of this awful style. Someone I know from the 'OC' states they are 'hater blockers'. Whatever.