Europe Adventures - Days 8-9

Saturday, June 14, 2008
In order to get to Armenia via Skyteam, I had to either fly from Paris or Prague. Since I've already been to France but haven't been to the Czech Republic yet, I chose Prague, despite the fact that their Armenia flight had a horrible departure time.

I didn't really read up much on Prague beforehand. I knew I wasn't going to have time to see everything, and I didn't want to rush myself, so I just read enough to get into town and wandered randomly. Prague is a very walkable city, so I did just that without even having a map on me.

I don't know what most of these buildings are, although I could probably figure it out pretty quickly if I felt like it. But I don't, so screw you guys. Wait, I know the Charles Bridge, I'll give you that one.

OK, I know this was the opera house

I ran into a plaze where they had a huge screen set up to broadcast the Euro Cup soccer football match. The first round pitted Sweden against Greece. There were a bunch of people from both countries in the crowd, and they all dressed in their country's colors and made a big scene. It was actually very fun and I watched the first half of one of the games.

The guy in the gray shirt was quite drunk and having a great time attempting to party with all the girls.

Unfortunately the next day was very overcast which did not lend itself to great picture taking.

I call this "Neopolitan Street", because of the row of buildings in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. That may even be an orange creamsicle on the end there!


mahler_girl said...

I think that's the same river Kundera incorporated in just about EVERY novel he wrote, or at least the one's I've read.
Beautiful pictures. I'm excited to see more!

Sarah said...

I want to live in that strawberry place!