Election 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I'm going to be unpopular for this, but I'm going to come out and say it right now: The Democrats are once again going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. We will have another Republican in the White House for the next four years.

Mr. Obama had a great thing going, with lots of campaign buzz and excitement among the masses. He had an opportunity at a shoo-in for the top chair by choosing Ms. Clinton as a VP. Yes, I'm not much of a fan of her, but millions of other people are.

But instead, he picks Joe Biden, an intelligent and well-experienced person, no doubt, but with the likability and personality of a doorknob. Obama's momentum hits a brick wall as nobody cares about Mr. Snooze occupying the #2 spot. The campaign is left floundering with two months to go.

The Republicans have done just the opposite. They nominate a candidate who, as far as I can tell, is legally dead already. The entire Republican mass across the country falls asleep. Alarmed, the party manages to find a VP who will appeal to the stay-at-home moms, the Crazy Christians, and the younger generation. The party raises itself from the grave and appears unstoppable. The stay-at-home moms are excited at somebody they can relate to, the Crazy Christians are frothing at the mouth at the idea of an evangelical, and the younger generation is grateful for somebody who knows what email is.

The Democrats have already lost their momentum for the season, but the Republicans are just barely getting their ball rolling. They'll be at full speed come November 2nd, and I don't have much confidence that the Dems will be able to re-energize their base by then, much less win over the disaffected Hillary supports that now want to vote for McCain out of spite.

Somebody please prove me wrong on November 2nd.


[lisa] said...

I more or less agree with you. I will not give up hope till that final night... but things are not looking good.

But for all the democrats that are going to vote for McCain out of spite... they are morons! If THAT becomes the deciding factor, I give up on humans in general.

First you have people that LIKE McCain and want 4-8 more years of this crap... and then you have others that will vote for him because they are mad-even though he supports everything they hate.

Where is the logic???

People want more of what we have right now? Maybe even worse. Pure insanity. If the morons just stayed home I think we (those that use their brain) we will be okay.

mahler_girl said...

actually...... when it comes down to the electoral votes (which are the only things that count really) there's no way McCain could win. It really just depends on how a few states such as Missouri, Ohio, Penn, Florida swing. If they swing to McCain, then it'll be more likely he'll win. But I spoke with someone whose uncle does something important with the Obama campaign, and he said that Obama has a drastic advantage over Mccain in the electoral votes, that's pretty much set in stone (as much as it can be at least).

that's of course not to say that we should get lazy, because there's still something like 50 days left until the election and nothing is definite.

And yes, Biden is such an idiot, but Palin is even more a dumbass. And people know that. My father was going to vote McCain until he picked that ditz for VP. So, at least the people who are politically conscious will reconsider voting McCain.

One of the many problems with America's political system is that we vote for people who have the same agenda as we do; That's how you should vote for state and local elections. But for presidential elections, wouldn't it be better to vote for someone who'll be able to effectively run a government of thousands of employees and citizens??? not just because they have same agenda as you do???
That's why I'm voting for Obama, because he is a modern man and can effectively reorganize the gov't into something that will benefit it's citizens through tax breaks, health care and energy plans.

The thing that will most hurt Obama is his agenda. He used a very liberal agenda to get the dem nomination and now he's having to back track and provide a more moderate agenda to get those swing votes. Regardless, as i said before, he has enough electoral votes to win (hopefully).

Robert said...

boy, I'm glad you were wrong here. :)