Thursday, September 4, 2008
Flexible LED screens are cool.

Last night's show was really good. Not the absolute best concert I've been to, but definitely enjoyable.

I've never really cared for the song Closer, but last night's rendition was pretty tyte.

And I was glad to hear The Wretched. And Reptile. Actually, I was pretty damn happy with the setlist - I don't think there was anything missing that I was bummed out.


[lisa] said...

another concert we were both at. i was 2nd row, left side... right next to stage. you?

Dave said...

i figured you'd be there and even wandered around a bit looking for you! i was 17th row right side - i didn't buy my tickets until the day of the show.

Allison said...

Look at all the great shows I am missing......If I could only live closer to Tokyo.....I MIGHT have a chance at seeing something good.