Gone Fishing

Sunday, September 28, 2008
About 10-15 years ago, I received a 20 gallon aquarium as a Christmas gift. I always had fish in it wherever I lived. However, the last few years I was neglecting it way more than I should, and my poor fish were quite underfed. To make matters worse, a prior roommate decided to go buy some additional fish which were way too large for the 20 gallon tank.

This month I've upgraded to a 55 gallon tank and added several new fish. I'm now proud to show off the home of my "family" which previously sat neglected.

So, presenting the newest members of Dave Household:

Tinfoil barbs (inherited): Franz, Gunter
Tiger barbs: Carl, Orson and three others I can't remember
Gouramis: Sven (blue), Francois (blue and orange), Miguel (orange)
Swordtails: Rod Johnson, Clarice, Shaniqua
African Mooney: Zeke
Pictus Catfish: Spike
Crab: Augustus
Some algae eater (non-pleco): Juan-Julio


[lisa] said...

It's beautiful! I miss my tank... Makes life just a bit more peaceful when you ned it most.