Four fried chickens and a coke.

Thursday, July 5, 2007
Well, I was going to post some pictures from San Diego, but they're not really that interesting because they don't relate to the city at all. I mean, look at this one:

It's my friend's cat gnawing on the soles of my shoes. I don't know why it was so interested in them, but he/she/it sat there for a good two or three minutes just biting the tread on it. Funny, perhaps. Related to San Diego? No, not really.

OK, this picture is slightly more related to the city:

A shot of the demolition derby at the San Diego Fair. I wish I had been in front of the damn pole, but I wasn't. Oh well. It's still a fun shot!

However, this last shot (which I grabbed from my friend) (and only because the battery ran out on my camera) (and he borrowed my lens for this too) is definitely worth checking out:

This was the same place that sold me the fried twinkie. Who wants a chicken sandwich with a Krispy Kreme donut as a bun, with the whole concoction fried together? Obviously somebody!

(They also sold fried coke, fried asparagus, and a whole bunch of other things that I can't remember. It was the epitome of American gluttony.)