Rick Roll'd

Sunday, July 1, 2007
Holy crap, today was one of the craziest days I've had in a while.

First off, I will state that everybody has a list of things that they want to accomplish in their lifetime. Myself, I have a list of about 100 things I'd like to do during my life, and I did TWO of them in one day!

It started off fairly innocently, lounging around in the cool San Diego breeze, chatting and enjoying a nice lunch.

Around 5'-ish, we decided to white trash it up and go to the San Diego Fair. This fair was 100% all-American fun (excluding the Mexican and Greek food booths), and I engaged in the following "patriotic" activities:

- Attended a demolition derby (Jenny, remind me to tell you about these because I'm 99% sure you don't have them over there)

- Ate a pork chop on a stick

- Ate grilled corn on the cob

- Ate a fried Twinkie, which was one of the items on my "To Accomplish" list. (Jenny, remind me to bring some of these over so you can stare at it and wonder what the hell is wrong with us that we would willingly eat these).

- Looked at a bunch of sheep and cows that won prizes for god-knows-what.

- Checked out an exhibit of rock art, and commented with several high-quality jokes. ("Up until now, I had taken art like this for granite.")

After the fair, we decided to finish off the evening by going to the beach at night and just kickin' it.

While at the beach, I made the mistake of commenting that one of the things on my "To Accomplish" list was to go skinny dipping sometime. Once that got out, the peer pressure to go skinny dipping instantly started. It started off as suggesting, then stating, then nagging, and almost playfully threatening. Finally, after about an hour of cajoling, I gave in. While everybody was chatting with each other, I dropped trou and sprinted for the water, having to drag my feet to scare away the stingrays. I went out a hundred feet or so, jumped in so my body was submerged and wandered back ashore, slightly embarassed, slightly proud.

My friends claimed they looked away when they saw me going for it, but I suspect they discussed among themselves the "two loaves of bread with half a vienna sausage flying toward the water".

I knew I would eventually go skinny dipping in my lifetime. I never thought it would be in front of eight friends, all of whom were fully clothed. It's a surreal experience. Part of me never wants to do it again, but another part of me had a lot of fun and may be willing to give it another go.

A quick dinner at Dennys wrapped up the evening, and on that note, I'm going to bed. Half day tomorrow, the return flight leaves at 6.