Sweden - Day 1

Friday, July 13, 2007
1) First flight (Salt Lake City - Atlanta) is delayed. The delay will make me miss my second flight (Atlanta - Paris), so he rebooks me onto a later Atlanta - Copenhagen flight.

2) The delay for the first flight becomes exceedingly long. Rebook myself onto a second Salt Lake City - Atlanta flight, and move the Atlanta - Copenhagen flight back to an even later Atlanta - Paris flight.

3) The newly booked Salt Lake City - Atlanta flight becomes delayed. Hurridly bookmyself on a THIRD Salt Lake City - Atlanta flight.

4) Arrive in Atlanta. Find out that the Atlanta - Paris booking was never confirmed, and I will have to standby to see if I have a seat.

5) Nervously wait for an hour and then find I have a seat. It's next to a guy who smells a bit, but it beats being stranded.

6) Arrive in Paris to find my Paris - Copenhagen flight wasn't confirmed either, and they can't get me on another one until 6:00 pm. Bum around the airport for several hours.

7) Arrive in Copenhagen around 8:00 pm. My luggage decided not to arrive with me. Agent can't find it in her computer system. Gave her my number, they said they'd ship it to us if they found it.

So now I sit on my friend's couch with no clothing but what I'm wearing, no toiletries, and a funny smell eminating from myself. And I couldn't be happier. I love this place.


By Sarahbellum said...

Hopefully your camera was in your carry-on and not in your luggage. I NEED PICS!