Armenia - Day 3

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
I don't remember what I did on day 3.

But here is a very recently built cathedral whose name I can't remember.

This is a very odd building that is impossible to get a good picture of due to haphazardly strung power lines. It now holds an indoor bazaar.


Sedrak Mkrtchyan said...

The church is named after Gregory the Illuminator, the first Armenian catholicos of 4th century. During his life Christianity was adopted as official religion in Armenia, in 301 AD.
The church is built several years ago in center of Yerevan. Pope John Paul 2nd visited it when came to Armenia.

Dave said...

Thank you random reader! I don't know why I could never remember the name of this place - perhaps it was too "traditional" sounding, at least to our western tongues!