Ben & Jerry

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Dear Jenny,

Hi there! I hear you have a bit of a crush on Jerry and I! I'm glad to hear you like us, or at least the fine product we put out!

Right now we thought you should know that we're putting ourselves on sale! Only $3.29 for a pint of us! That's less than 20kr for a container (@ 6SEK=1USD). And even better, we have an entire freezer cabinet at the store dedicated just to our wares!

Won't you come to America and try us? I know you say you would like to try one of every flavor, but there are at least 19 different varieties in the self-portrait I've enclosed, and that doesn't even include everything in this particular cabinet! Do you think you can really get through all of us?

We hope to see your face (and mouth) here soon!

-Ben & Jerry


jenny said...


i mean, you should have gotten into pr, what are you doing working with computers with a skill like that? :)

Sarah Bellum said...

I have a feeling Dave and I would both agree to keeping you a kept woman while you were in America. A kept ICE CREAM WOMAN! Willie Nelson Ice Cream is to die for.

So, when will you be here?

jenny said...

sugardaddy.. eh.. i mean, dave is looking into it, but seems like late september and hopefully for two weeks :)