Say cheese!

Monday, July 14, 2008
The other night the girlfriend and I decided to treat ourselves like high class citizens and enjoy a nice evening snack of Chili Cheese Burritos from Taco Bell fine cheeses, crackers and smoked salmon.

On the menu was one of my personal favorites, Agour. We also picked up Sage Derby (which isn't as tasty as I remember it), a Brie, and a new one I had never heard of called Tomme Noir. It's a very buttery cheese, yet mild too. It reminded both of us of Havarti. Highly recommended.

After consumption of the vast amounts of all of the above substances, Kate decided that my remaining Agour would be better off if it had eyes and teeth. Thanks to her art skills, I will be able to say I've eaten crocodile the next time I bust out the cheese.